VIP Class

CHECK OUT THIS SHORT VIDEO...Each term we have a VIP class. This is where the gymnasts have the opportunity to bring a friend along to their gym club to try out the sport of gymnastics and trampolining.

Behind the scenes of our children's gymnastics clubs

I know how important it is to treat our staff well as I know that when the staff are happy your children are happy too. I like to make a fuss of our awesome coaching team and plan termly treats for them so that they always have something to look forward to and get excited about. Last week I took the team Go Karting in Farnborough.

How to achieve your goals through gymnastics

Today I have been talking to expert coach, Nick Ruddock who has just come back from coaching and lecturing at the Tirrenia Training Camp near Pisa in Italy. This 10 day camp runs every year for selected 10 - 11 year old gymnasts and this is Nick's 7th year of being on the team. Nick was one of our first ever Flair coaches and he is now world renowned having coached medal winning gymnasts like Amy Tinkler!

Tumble Camp

CHECK OUT THIS SHORT VIDEO...In the school holidays we run our Tumble Camps in Surrey. It's a great way to keep your child active during the school holidays.

A day in the life of a superhero at Summer Tumble Camp

I went into Guildford Spectrum today to help with the filming of one of our videos for Tumble TV and to see how our Summer Tumble Camp is going. It's the second day of our first week of Tumble Camp and as I entered the gym I walked into a hive of activity.

Freerunning Classes

CHECK OUT THIS SHORT VIDEO...At our freerunning classes in Guildford the children learn how to flip, jump and backflip in a safe environment. 

What's the secret behind the success of our Tumble Camps?

Due to popular demand our Holiday Tumble Camps have gone from a one week event at one club once a year to Holiday Tumble Camps during every school holiday at a wide variety of our gymnastics clubs in Surrey. I find out what Richard thinks is the secret to the success of our tumble camps.

Reflections Classes

CHECK OUT THIS SHORT VIDEO...It's Reflections Class and it's time for your child to take the time to reflect upon what they have achieved this term.

How to keep your child active in the school holidays

I know how difficult it is to constantly find ways to entertain your child and keep them engaged. Obviously in this increasingly digital world the temptation of putting your child in front of the TV, computer or tablet can sometimes be too overwhelming. And it’s not all bad. There are loads of wonderful programmes on TV for your child to enjoy and learning keyboard skills is also a vital part of your child’s learning. It’s all about balance.

Seaside Themed Classes

CHECK OUT THIS SHORT VIDEO...This term we celebrated summer with a seaside themed class. Find out what it's like to come to a themed class at one of our gymnastics clubs in Surrey.