CHECK OUT THIS SHORT VIDEO... It's the beginning of term at our gymnastics clubs in Surrey and Coach Amy is busy making sure that the gymnasts are on target to reach their goals. Find out what members Pola and Olivia would like to achieve by the end of term and why having a clear vision is so important.

How can I entertain my children at half term holiday?

"Oh no!" I hear you cry. "Not another school holiday. What on earth am I going to do with the kids?"

Meet The Coaches

CHECK OUT THIS SHORT VIDEO... Coaches Vicki and Megan tell us what it's really like to coach at our children's gymnastics clubs. Find out why they love being part of the Flair family and why they think our Holiday Tumble Camps are the most fun thing around.

How do our coaches build confidence through gymnastics?

Last week I shared you with you the importance of building a great team and how I go to great lengths to make sure that we have only the very best gymnastics coaches for your children.


CHECK OUT THIS SHORT VIDEO... Find out what young gymnasts Abbie and Peggy are looking forward to achieving this term. Hear what they have to say about their dreams of doing lots of tumbling and winning medals at competitions.

The importance of finding an awesome coaching team for your gym club

I take the hiring of staff very seriously. This includes everyone from the coaching team through to service and sales. Finding the right people who understand and care about our core values and who can deliver what is expected of them each and every time is vital. After all we are looking after your most precious belongings, your children.


CHECK OUT THIS SHORT VIDEO... How do we build confident kids through gymnastics?... Hear what Flair dad Craig Goldblatt (father of Peggy) and Flair mum Catherina Rose (mother of Elena) have to say on this video as they explain how their children have benefited from their weekly gymnastics classes.

New Flair Gymnastics Franchise in Surrey is OPEN!

On Sunday 23rd April the very first Flair franchise opened in Farnham forming a partnership with All Hallows School. Club Farnham is owned and operated by Club Owner and Franchisee ‘Coach Amanda Williams,’ mum of 3 (Reece, Carys and Megan) from Camberley, Surrey.


CHECK OUT THIS SHORT VIDEO...... How do we help children set and achieve goals at their gymnastics club?... Check out 'COACH AMY' at CLUB Surrey Sports Park with the help of club member 'Abigail' in this short video as they explain to us the importance of writing down your goals if you want to achieve them...

Countdown to the launch of the first Flair Gymnastics Club Franchise

I hope you all had a wonderful Easter with your family and enjoyed the long weekend and the warm weather. Yes, everybody. The countdown has officially begun for the launch of the brand new Club Farnham on Sunday 23rd April. How exciting! We are all busy at Flair HQ making lots of preparations for the big day.