Intermediate Level Gymnastics

CHECK OUT THIS SHORT VIDEO... on this video we follow the gymnasts who have progressed from Foundation Level Gymnastics to the next stage which is Intermediate Level Gymnastics. The Intermediate Level gymnasts take part in longer classes which means that they can learn more and make progress faster.

4 Top Reasons Your Son Should Do Gymnastics Classes

Gymnastics is NOT just for girls. Not even close. You only have to look at the recent success of our British male gymnasts at the Olympic Games and the World Championships, like Max Whitlock and Nile Wilson, to see that gymnastics is just as important a sport for boys too. 

My Favourite Things

CHECK OUT THIS SHORT VIDEO... Find out what the children like most about coming to our gymnastics clubs in Surrey. Would you like to know what our member's favourite things to do are when they come to their gym club? We asked them and here's what they told us...

Hands up - if you've secured your child's place at Half Term Tumble Camp!

It's nearly time for another half term school holiday! That can mean only one thing. No, it's not Chico time - IT'S HALF TERM TUMBLE CAMP TIME!! So put your hands up if you've already booked your child's place!

Assistant Coaches

CHECK OUT THIS SHORT VIDEO...Find out what it's like to be an assistant coach at one of our gymnastics clubs in Surrey. This video follows assistant coaches Jenna, Amelia and Rhianna as they tell us more about what it means to be an assistant coach and why they enjoy it.

How do world champion gymnasts cope with injury?

I was happy to read the news today and to hear that our 4 female British gymnasts at the World Championships in Montreal, that's Amy Tinkler, Claudia Fragapane, Alice Kinsella and Georgia-Mae Fenton have all put in solid performances in the first of five qualifying sub-divisions. They now have to wait for the remaining nations to compete to see if they have made it through to the finals. Good luck girls...

Goal Setting

CHECK OUT THIS SHORT VIDEO... How do we help children to set and achieve their goals at their gymnastics club in Surrey? Coach Vicki and gymnast Abigail explain to us the importance of writing down your goals if you want to achieve them.

3 Top Reasons To Book A One2One Gymnastics Class For Your Child

I popped into Club Sports Park in Guildford at the weekend and when I arrived, there was a One2One gymnastics class taking place. This got me thinking, do our Flair families know about our One2One classes and what they offer? So I've put together the top 3 reasons to book a One2One class which explains what they are and why they could be a good option for your child...

Happy 19th Birthday!

CHECK OUT THIS SHORT's 19 years ago this month that we opened the doors at our very first Flair gymnastics club. So this month we are extremely happy to be celebrating 19 years of gymnastics fun!

Have you watched our videos about your children's gymnastics club yet?

Every week we work hard to bring you a new video to watch about Flair gymnastics and the different elements that make up our story. Our gymnastics videos help you find out more about our clubs and all the experiences we can offer your child. We think our videos are a lot of fun and we hope that watching them will make you want to join the Flair family! I caught up with Hector Pitt, the young man behind the camera who captures all the action at our gymnastics clubs in Surrey.