Let's Celebrate 20 Years Of Flair Gymnastics Clubs!

As we celebrate our 20th Birthday we’d like to say a huge THANK YOU to all the Flair families for your support over the years. We know that we are NOTHING without you and we’d like to thank you for helping us achieve 20 years of service...


Lets celebrate 20 years of Flair Gymnastics Clubs!RICHARD DWYER - FOUNDER & CEO

Hello. My name is Richard Dwyer and I am the Founder & CEO of Flair Gymnastics. I opened the first club at Kenyngton Manor School in Sunbury on Thames when I was 21 years old. I had no business background then, but I was full of drive, ambition and determination. My mission is and always has been to build children’s confidence through gymnastics and to offer the sport to EVERY child at a grass roots level, as I personally benefitted hugely from learning gymnastics as a child and I wanted to share this knowledge with everyone. You and your children are the reason that we do what we do, week in, week out. My background as a South East gymnastics champion and my love of the sport from the age of 4 really spurred me on as well as the support of my fantastic mum who was a former gymnastics coach.

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Lets celebrate 20 years of Flair Gymnastics Clubs!MY MUM KATHY

I started my first club with very little gym equipment, a few mats and a couple of vaults. My mum was one of the first gym coaches in those early days. I created and printed my first flyers using a neighbour's computer since I didn't have a computer and didn't even know how to use one back then! Going door to door dropping them in the letterboxes of homes in the local area. My, how times have changed! Nick Ruddock, (Former National Coach) was also one of the very first Flair coaches when he was in his teens. We have remained firm friends and Nick is still very involved with our coaching development programme.

Lets celebrate 20 years of Flair Gymnastics Clubs!NICK RUDDOCK & RICHARD DWYER

From humble beginnings it has been with great excitement that I have opened each subsequent gym club. One memorable gymnastics club opening was Club Spectrum. On the launch day we were all taken by surprise as we woke up to the biggest snowfall in years. We were determined that the launch would go ahead anyway and endeavoured to give gymnastics classes in the snow to our new members!

Lets celebrate 20 years of Flair Gymnastics Clubs!GUILDFORD SPECTRUM LAUNCH DAY

We love competition days at Flair and feel they are an important part of your child's learning as win or lose they help to develop vital life skills including confidence and self esteem and make for a fun, learning experience. Our very first Invitational Event was in 2005. It was circus themed and held in a Big Top! It was a huge event with juggling, trapeze and a ring master as the compere. There was candy floss and popcorn too. It was also the hottest day of the year at 94 degrees in a non air conditioned tent! Phew!!

Lets celebrate 20 years of Flair Gymnastics Clubs!BIG TOP INVITATIONAL EVENT

Gymnastics Competitions

Competitions are an opportunity for ALL children to shine, grow and learn. This year we are looking forward to 'The Flair Championships 20th Birthday Special Event' which is an Inter-Flair-Club competition on Saturday 1st December at Club Guildford Spectrum. Watch this space!!

Freddie Flair Bear, the club mascot, has also been with us from the start and he is celebrating his 20th Birthday whilst his fantastic friends The Tumble Teddies - Safety Samuel Bear, Courteous Claire Bear, Peter Bear the Performer and Efficient Ellie Bear are celebrating their 2nd Birthday this month.

Lets celebrate 20 years of Flair Gymnastics Clubs!FREDDIE FLAIR BEAR

As we say 'Happy Birthday to Flair and the Tumble Teddies' I'd like to thank all of our Flair families for their support and for helping us to achieve 20 years of service. We are looking forward to continuing our service to you on the journey of building your children's confidence through gymnastics.

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Best wishes,

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Flair Founder and CEO 

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